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Heat has made me deathly ill. And on top of everything, I've gotten my first real hate mail. I should not be this profoundly shaken, but I suppose my ego is larger than I thought, for it to be so easily bruised and reduced to rubble. :(

That little tumblr project I started two days ago for a haha, this will be fun :D exploded with upwards of 1,500 followers over a twenty-four hour period. It's up to 1,680 now... I have been alternating pretty steadily between THIS IS SO COOL to OH MY GOD, NO, I'M A HERMIT THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF COOL. I am now firmly planted in the latter, but hopefully some Daily Show can restore my confidence. Or at least my ability to NOT be a little girl about the...vitrolic opinions of another artist I don't even know.

OH. right. This is an art blog. Allow me to post some art, thus legitimizing this whining enterprise.

Homestuck + Persona 4 = Old ArtCollapse )
I've got a big post I need to make eventually, but since that requires switching computers, I'll save my long and epic story of how I went from Where I Was to Where I Am (and make an epic art dump yikes) for another time. Because it's late. And I doubt many of you will actually see this. And I'm okay with that, because it's retarded. I just have been enjoying those ask-tumblr thingies and thought I'd link to one I ADORED and put an image from my own completely out of context and with no link.

Because I'm embarrassed.


bloop bloopCollapse )
26th-Jan-2011 02:02 pm - Excuse me while I sneeze on you, LJ
Fox & Souji
After the cut: COME AT ME BROx1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (in the form of art, I guess)

This is what happens when Em tries to draw something resembling anythingCollapse )

[EDIT: /tweaks everything, because I am dumb and can't let things sit.]
I'm due to rush off and meet with ladysisyphus and drmoonpants today, presumably so I can make my shuddering ball of sick mobile. |8 I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, BUT I HAVE A SNEAKING SUSPICION THAT PARADING INTO THE BRYN MAWR COLLEGE SO SOON AFTER BREAK MADE ME SUSCEPTIBLE TO ALL THE DISEASES OF THE WORLD. So now I have a nasty cough and a headache. Chu. ;;

But in between me whining and me going over to whine at a friend's house, how about a quick little update with no content of value??

ONWARDCollapse )
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE?? One of my new years resolutions is to....be more active on LJ. Gosh, 2010 was such a bad year, I am going to FORCIBLY PUT IT BEHIND ME AND MOVE FORWARD TOWARDS GOOD THINGS. Like community college and a chance to start at Tyler in the fall /crosses fingers.


So I figure I'll just...go down the list here. Oh jeez, there's a lot.

another year gone, another year of slooooooooooow improvementCollapse )

S2B2 ANYONE?Collapse )

a parting wish for my loves, on the cusp of this new yearCollapse )

(I think all the images are functional now. THINK. hope, pray, etc.)


I ended up using three hint coins on this because a) I am a child of the digital age and I will not apologize and b) I thought, for a moment, that it would have to be 12 o'clock...only I figured that couldn't be the answer because WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DESIGN A CLOCKFACE SO LOPSIDEDLY. IT LOOKS LIKE TRASH.




On a related note, one of the reasons I love Yuri Lowenthal being in literally every video game ever is the ENDLESS opportunity to draw retarded crossovers. I'm anxiously waiting for Olda Luke's reveal. I have a feeling he will be dressed exactly like Baby Luke, only perhaps with some suspenders...or an argyle pattern...or mayhaps a monocle, but I won't get my hopes up.

College has never been so...metaphoricalCollapse )

Oh, Don Draper. Your whole life has been a Rocky Road. Sal at the end completely steals the show, though.

Show of hands, now that Lucky Strike is out of the picture, who else clung to the frantic hope that the fabulous Sal Romano might come back? He never will, not after Don's ridiculous display of homophobia, but man I at least want to see where he is now and if Kitty hasn't completely gone off the rails yet. Spoiler: I loved Kitty. Especially because Sal loved her too. ;-;

Also, this is fantastic and amazing and no matter how sad you are, you'll never be as sad as Sad Don Draper.
4th-Oct-2010 12:26 am - Laughter is the best medicine
behind the cut because the player is bigCollapse )

I've been on a quest to cheer myself up all day today, and I thought I'd share this in case anyone else was currently in a similar place. Making fun of M. Night makes everything better. Even Mad Men sucked! Proof that everything happens at once, if ever we needed any more.

I hope everyone is happy. Me? I'm going to wish for it to stop raining so I can go on a walk. Rain puts a (wait for it) damper on things, doesn't it?
Fuck You, Adachi

...lol posting twice within the span of an hour. I'M EFFICIENT.

But no, earlier last week, me and mushiestnation  were talking about Persona 4 (as we so often are) and we got onto the topic of Persona 4 In Other Time Periods. Which led to the discussion of what the Midnight Channel would be before A Television In Every House was the norm (like, say, late 1945). Which led to her creating this bit of terrifying amazingness:

Propaganda broadcasts + Yukiko's Japanese VA + general creepy sound design = The Midnight Station.

Imagine that coming out of your switched off radio in the middle of the night. Sort of like a numbers station that's personalized just for you...

Poor Yukiko. The land inside the radio sounds a lot scarier. ._.

Remember when I said I was going to be updating every morning? haaaawwwww

Fanarts!Collapse )

Other Arts! ...and a request for a photo :/Collapse )

So yeah, if you're willing to let me draw you, go ahead an drop me a line! Also, for the people who live in my vicinity, we seriously need to schedule a time I can strip you all down and draw you. |:
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